Material Selection

1. Fan motor material: copper wire
High magnetic field simulation and180 ℃ high temperature electromagnetic wire to maximize fan running efficiency.

2. Ball bearing
Deep groove ball bearings for a long working lifetime.
Operating life: 50-70 thousand hours.
Maximum working temperatures: Rolling bearings: ≤ 80 ℃ , the temp rise ≤ 40. ℃ .

3. Thermal protector
The internal thermal protector of the AC blower prevents the system air blower from heat damage.

4. Structure
The external rotor fan series can be integrated with motor, impeller, controller and the stator as well, fully utilizing space.

5. Fan balance
The two-sided balance of the fan helps keep the system operating stably.

6. Special manufacturing process of the blower
The unique processing technology guarantees high quality and high reliability.

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