Production Capacity

1. Modern manufacturing facilities
We operate in an 80,000 square meter production space production workshops with 5, 22 advanced production lines, more than 1000 full-time workers to produce our air flow equipment.

2. Advanced production equipments
Automatic fan production line and the intelligent real-time detection which can quality ensure the product stability and consistency.

3. Monthly air blower around output is 300,000 sets
Including 40,000 duct fans , 40,000 EC fans , 60,000 axial fans , 16 centrifugal fans .

4. Main parts of fan are 100% produced by Fans-tech
We use advanced equipment for manufacturing main parts of the fan, such as high speed stators and rotors, cast aluminum rotors, 800T punching machines, welding machines, etc.

5. Strict production quality control
We focus on the raw material quality, to make sure the materials we use during the manufacturing process are 100% qualified.

  • Automatic Production Equipment
  • PCB Welding
  • Offline Comprehensive Test
  • Punching Machine
  • Double-face Dynamic Balance Device
  • Online Test
  • Wave Soldering
  • Motor Assembly Test
  • Automatic Production Equipment
  • Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • Workshop 3

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