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Inline Duct Fan

Fans-tech is a professional industrial fan manufacturer and we produce three types of inline duct fans , circular duct fans , mixed-flow circular duct fans and oblique flow fans . These products produce high pressure with large airflows while operating smoothly and quietly.

Voltage: 110~120VAC/220~240VAC
Frequency: 50-60Hz,
Phase: Single
Comply with RoHS directive
Impeller diameter:100mmto315mm.
Certification: UL, CE, CCC.

The inline duct mixed flow fan features a compact design with external rotor motor technology.
High blower capacity.
Easily installed in high pressure, long duct runs .
Anti-corrosion impeller.

Built-in temperature the management these duct system android.permission for fans to continuously operate in ventilation systems.

The design technology of the motor and fan blade allows the fan's energy efficiency to exceed EU ERP2015 energy saving requirements. The EC control technology can achieve PWM, 0 ~ 10V intelligent speed control.

The fan blade specifications range from150mmto350mmin diameter with an airflow range from430m3 / h to2800m3 / h.