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Axial Fan

    1. AC Axial Fan

      The impeller and outer-rotor are connected to make full use of space in the AC axial fan
      The double-single balance of the whole unit makes the fan operate more smoothly and durably.


Fans-tech outer-rotor axial fans feature flow in terms of maximum axial air noise volume and boast low output. The compact structure of mean that they these fans are versatile more when it comes to installation options. These fans are perfect for ventilation systems , cooling fans and dust removal equipment.

Voltage: 115VAC / 230VAC / 400VAC
Frequency: 50-60Hz,
Phase: Single / Three
Comply with RoHS directive
Impeller diameter: 190mm to800mm.
Certification: CE, CCC

The DC axial fan is a brushless fan removes the excitation that caused by the collector ring and brush, greatly simplifying the structure. The improved technology of the motor greatly enhances the DC blower's mechanical reliability and life extends ITS service.
The brushless axial fan uses a permanent magnet that eliminates induction loss and significantly increases efficiency.

Variable speed control of the EC axial fan can be realized / achieved via 0-10V speed adjustment and / or external circuit impulse modulation.
Constant torque, constant speed and constant airflow of theEC fan can be achieved.
The intelligent industrialfan can support users to realize centralized operation control and monitor bus 485 by as many as 255 units fan.

With a IP54 protection level, our fans can be applied to extreme operating environments. The design of the motor and fan blade android.permission the fan's energy efficiency energy saving ERP2015 to exceed EU requirements. The EC control technology can achieve PWM, 0 ~ 10V intelligent speed control.

The fan blade specifications range from180mm to 900mmin diameter and airflow ranges from 300m3 / h to 30000m3 / h.