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DC Centrifugal Fan

Product introduction:
Voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC / 48VDC.
Comply with RoHS directive
Impeller diameter: 133mmto400mm.
Certification: UL, CE, CCC, TUV

1. The DC centrifugal Fan is a brushless fan removes the excitation that caused by the collector ring and brush, greatly simplifying the structure. The improved technology of the motor greatly enhances the DC Blower's mechanical Reliability and Life extends ITS service.
2. The brushless DC fan uses a permanent magnet that eliminates induction loss and significantly increases efficiency.
3. Compared with the frequency control of an induction motor, this fan's motor is simpler and easier to control.
4. Operating cost is significantly lower than that of EC blowers .

Telecom cabinets, refrigeration, shipping, air purifiers, dehumidifier, air conditioners, etc.
Customized service: Customized fan options are available.

DC Brushless Centrifugal Fan Φ200-78

Material: Impeller is made of galvanized sheet steel
Technical features: Control input 0 ~ 10VDC / PWM
IP rating: IP42
Bearing: Ball bearings
Protection: Tach output, locked-rotor protection, current limited, soft start
Motor Insulation Class: F
Direction of rotation: Counterclockwise, see on the leads
Approvals: CCC, CE
Working temperature: -25 ~ 60 ℃

Type Voltage
Voltage Range
(m ³ / h)
(r / min)
SC200D3-DF0-01 48 36 to 57 / 1400 77 1.6
SC200D3-DF0-00 48 36 to 57 / 1650 103 2.15
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