1. AC Centrifugal Fan

      VoltageRange: 115VAC/230VAC/400VAC
      Frequency: 50-60Hz,
      Phase: Single / Three
      Comply with RoHS directive
      Impeller diameter: 120mm to 630mm.

    1. DC Centrifugal Fan

      Voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC / 48VDC.
      Comply with RoHS directive
      Impeller diameter: 133mmto400mm.
      Certification: UL, CE, CCC, TUV

    1. AC Axial Fan

      The impeller and outer-rotor are connected to make full use of space in the AC axial fan
      The double-single balance of the whole unit makes the fan operate more smoothly and durably.

    1. EC Axial Fan

      Variable speed control of the EC axial fan can be realized / achieved via 0-10V speed adjustment and / or external circuit impulse modulation.

    1. Circular Duct Fan

      Voltage: 110~120VAC/220~240VAC
      Frequency: 50-60Hz,
      Phase: Single
      Comply with RoHS directive

    1. Inline Mixed Flow Duct Fan

      The inline duct mixed flow fan features a compact design with external rotor motor technology.
      High blower capacity.

  • Manufacturing
  • > Material Selection1. Fan motor material: copper wire
    High magnetic field simulation and180 ℃ high temperature electromagnetic wire to maximize fan running efficiency.

    2. Ball bearing:
    Deep groove ball bearings for a long working lifetime.
    Operating life: 50-70 thousand hours.

    > Production CapacityModern manufacturing facilities
    We operate in an 80,000 square meter production space production workshops with 5, 22 advanced production lines, more than 1000 full-time workers to produce our air flow equipment.

    > Quality ControlFans-tech air flow devices are strictly produced under ISO9001 Standards. Each one of our industrial fans is carefully manufactured to guarantee the quality of our finished products. Our air blowers are constantly tested at each stage of production and only fans that are 100% balanced , vibration free and safe, are allowed to be packaged and shipped.